We all know when running a business that communication is key!


  • Prospects
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Staff, both internal and field

Trusted communication between the individual/group/business that you need to get a message to/from

  • In a meeting
  • While Driving
  • In a no data black spot
  • As simple as leaving their phone on their desk when they go for lunch!

Security & Reliability

Uncompromising security & privacy
for peace of mind.

Seamless integration between your internal systems and SMC.net.au.


  • In Bulk
  • Individually
  • Send/Receive Email to SMS
  • Unicode – Send your SMS in any language you require
  • Easily link both incoming and outgoing to your CRM system
  • Identify yourself as your preferred SMS Name (this can be alphanumeric)
  • Use keywords that will increase your uptake of SMS promotions

SMC.net.au provides you with a full suite of reporting services, such as:

  • Delivered Rates
  • Read rates (depending on provider)
  • Return rates – SMS back to email to you
  • Privacy Act Compliance – Unsubscribes vs SMS Sent
  • Usage per individual using our Active Directory Module
  • Reporting Wizard – Configure your own reports based on information captured
  • Fixed monthly fee – No per SMS charges
  • An open API that can allow your internal IT staff or preferred supplier to code into


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SMC Messaging is by far the most reliable and efficient service I have ever used.
Both the message delivery and customer service have been completely flawless
We confidently recommend SMS Texting to other people who are in search of a reliable SMS gateway service.